Sunday, October 19, 2008


Okay, so my regular blog readers (anybody out there? ::crickets::) should know that I haven't updated in like 2 weeks. Yeah, shame on me, but I've been busy. REALLY busy. All excuses aside, I'm going to try to summarize some entry-worthy topics of interest, bullet-style. Here goes...

-I'm ready for college application season to be over. This is quite stressful and I haven't even sent off any apps yet! (That's my problem too)

-I'm actually starting to like my job. I actually might be sad to leave in January. More like I'll miss having money on a regular basis.

-Is there ever a time when there aren't any tourists in South Florida?

-School feels like a waste of time. There is really only one worthwhile class that I have this semester, which is AP Lit, and otherwise I feel like I'm wasting a potential day of productivity by being at school doing BS assignments all day (YES, I'm looking at you Robotics/Research I and VCM!). I passed the FCAT already; I don't need anymore practice writing prompts or basic words of the day. Is this senioritis or just a few horrible classes that ruin my day? I thought I'd enjoy these classes, but I'm starting to hate them because of the lack of concentration on the course material and instead on other useless crap.

-Taking the previous bullet into consideration, can I take a week off from school just to catch up with life? I wish I still liked school and that the environment was engaging, challenging, and interesting, and I looked forward to going back, like I remember it being in elementary school. Now I'm content with a laptop in front of me, just about anywhere.

-My iPod is gone. Kaput. I have enough money to buy a new 16GB iPod Touch now, but I feel like holding on to my money for a bit. I don't know why. I really want the Touch and I really miss having my music so readily available. Maybe I'll buy it after my next paycheck. Maybe I'll keep holding on to my money.

-I'm almost done with my website. Making it has been fun, frustrating, exiting, and has kept me up late for several nights. I think I'll be ready for a launch in less than a week. Sidenote: Google Chrome is awesome for web design.

-I have my interview for MIT coming up on Thursday. I'm kinda excited.

-How did it get to be halfway through the first semester of my last year of high school? Seriously, time flies.

-My laptop is falling apart. It's running fine on the inside, but the coating over the metal by the speakers is mostly scratched off, the plastic is lose over the headphone and speaker jacks, and a piece of plastic randomly broke off near the hinge. I'll get a new before college, but I need this to hold up for at least another 6 months. Please?

-I'm tired.


Domi Wami :D said...

you're almost there! almost there!
things will get interesting..
just wait till October is over..
then the fun begins...

pyro said...

Wow hun. Too much shit on your mind.... It's not good for you.