Saturday, October 4, 2008


This morning I trekked over to Plantation High to take the SAT Subject Tests. Unlike Caesar, I did not conquer; I was conquered. I'm kinda bummed out that I did so poorly, but there is a reason why. I'm only in the second semester of Physics, I haven't seriously touched math since Calc ended in January, and I didn't have time to prep. Regardless, I would've at least like to have finished the exam! My stamina was horrible. Math II wasn't that hard, it just took me a while to get through the problems, and with Physics there was so much material that I haven't been expose to. I'm pretty confident that I did well in Literature, but those things are always subjective, so who knows... I'm not going to sit back and remain conquered though. I'm going to register for the November 1 exam, study my ass off for the next few weeks, and conquer this mofo!

October is gonna suck. Really bad. I can't even go to TNT because of the ACT (WHY would it be scheduled on a national testing date?!) Grr.


Pamela said...

No stressing out allowed. Breathe. I bet you did actually do better than 90% of those who took the test. I know that you Type A personanilites want perfection and I hope you acheive it.

domi.blurbs said...

October is almost over...