Sunday, August 3, 2008


There is really nothing in particular that I want to discuss, but I have this burning urge to blog. So, let's do another one of those random point/story/memory thingamajigs...

-I've been training at Circuit City for the past two days doing e-learning in this tiny room. It's hella boring. I experienced a bit of panic earlier this morning when I thought I would be late to work...only on my second day. By the time the bus reached the Sawgrass area, I was 45 minutes early, so I decided to take the bus around the Sawgrass mall loop and get off at the stop closest to the store on the way back around instead of crossing the big scary Sunrise Blvd. @ Flamingo, plus it would use up some time since I didn't want to arrive too early. I carefully planned everything out with the schedules , but that was to no use! When we got to Sawgrass, the driver said the bus was going back to the garage and not looping around again. WHAT?! The schedule did not say that. Anytime a bus goes out of service, there is a 'G' after the time of the particular stop. There weren't supposed to be any G's until waaaay later in the day. So, it's 8:55am and the next bus is supposed to come at 9:02, leaving at 9:15. That would be cutting it pretty close, being that the buses are rarely reliable nowadays. I am presented with a dilemma; I can wait for the bus, not knowing if it'll show up on time, or I can walk. I ended up waiting until 9:07am and then walking when the bus didn't show. It was a long walk. 1.5 mile walk, in less than 20 minutes, while its 90 degrees outside. I was not a happy camper when I arrived. More like a sweaty and tired camper. I actually made it on time though....but the doors were locked since the store wasn't open yet. Panic ensues yet again. Me being a noob and all, I had no idea how to get in, but luckily someone saw me. 6 hours flew by really quickly, hopefully I'll be able to finish up the training tomorrow.

-MIT's application hasn't been released yet. What's up with that!? I bet they're just teasing us. This was funny. I believed it for about a second until logic kicked in. Princeton's online app hasn't been posted either. Is there some significant national delay?! I know, we're reading too far into this. Someone's reply was also awesome. Whhhhhyy is college admissions so nerve wrecking and unsettling? I wish I could just know sooner so I could try to start liking UF more, but there is still that slight slight chance that I'll be accepted at MIT or Olin, slight. I'll be patient.

-I'm staring at this Guitar Hero controller next to me and realized that I haven't played it in a really long time. I need to find time to play. I miss being hypnotized from the colorful, rhythmic dots flowing at me.

-The reality is setting in that school is starting really soon. Back to school sales are going on like crazy, I have two new pairs of shoes, and Broward Schools' website has changed once again. This is definitely the best thus far. Easier on the eyes, better navigation, and no ugly backgrounds or graphics. Virtual Counselor is also back up and it says that I'm a 12th grader now. I honestly don't care about that class pride 2009 hooha, I just want to know my schedule lol. Maybe once in my high school career the scheduling stars will align and there will be no conflicts and I'll get what I asked for. Maybe? Nah, sounds too good to be true. I want to see what fun course gets stuck on there this year when something I selected is unavailable. Weight Training II? Intensive Reading?

-So this was the first year that my half-birthday passed without me really noticing it (yesterday). Probably because there was another event taking place. I'm not one to celebrate or anything, I just usually take note since I always have to have an accurate mental representation of time and date or else I don't function properly "ah, I need to update my age to 17.5." Last six months of being a minor! Not that its's really important or anything, I can just legally enter a contract (get a credit card!), vote (which I probably won't be doing), buy cigarettes and lotto tickets (no), buy alcohol just about anywhere outside of the US (too bad I don't travel often), and work longer hours (eh, no). I guess 18 isn't really that exciting. I need the media to stop making a big deal about these events, yes I'm looking at you My Super Sweet 16/18/21!

-I need to go to sleep again. Waking up at 7am during the summer, during the weekend is no fun... I guess there won't be as much of a shock when school rolls back around and I have to wake up at an even more ungodly hour.

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