Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Last First Day

I knew I would be writing and entry like this for a while, I just couldn't figure out how to write it, or of what significance it would be. Many people make a big deal out of the first day of senior year since it is the last year of traditional schooling, so for some reason I hyped myself up too. As summer went on, I realized that I had little to look forward too. All of the typical senior activities such as prom, grad night, skip days, and what not aren't that enticing to me and I have little to look forward to education-wise. Eventually the hype wore off and I found myself completely unconcerned with the beginning of my last K-12 school year. The break that TS Fay provided also suppressed some of my excitement.

Last night as I laced up my new sneakers, packed my backpack with fresh supplied, laid out my clothes for the next day, and began packing my lunch, I didn't get that same feeling that I had each year for 12 years previous. It was just part of the routine...

Regardless of how much I was not anticipating this day, my alarm clock went off at 5am, and it was time to crawl out of bed and start this school thing again. Everything felt so weird and different at school. Barely any familiar faces, I felt alone. The freshmen wandering around with schedules glued to their hands and marveling over their new found "freedom" were amusing.

Enough about the experience, school is about taking classes and learning stuff, right? Let's get to that...

Robotics/Research 1: The new robotics lab is cool, even though its not completely finished yet. Though the class is full of freshmen, I think I'll still learn stuff and have fun. There are 2 other seniors that I know in the class too, so I won't feel that out of place.

Computer Applications 1: SUCKS. I know I'll be switching out of the class, being that I took it during my freshman year and there isn't really much to learn, but the 90 minutes that I spent there were excruciatingly boring and horrible. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but even a wise freshman asked me before the bell rang "what's the point of this class and how can I get out?" I don't know what I'll be switching to or when I can do it, but Visual Computer Modeling (VCM) is offered 2nd block, so I might take it if there's nothing else that I'm interested in.

AP English Lit: Basically our entire AP Lang class + a few from the fall class last year. Picking up right where we left off...

Anatomy & Physiology Honors: I DID NOT know that this would be a GP class. I assumed that half of the students would at least know what the course was about and cared to learn. Wrong. I also expected it to be taught by a different teacher :/ Our teacher, whom I have never heard of before, is actually on vacation or whatever until Monday, so we had a sub and did lame icebreaker worksheets.

I hope this semester flies by and I can't wait until next semester, I really like those classes. Until then, I'm just floating along...

Oh wait, I forgot about all that stress with SAT IIs, retaking the ACT, College Apps, and all that good stuff. Doesn't it sound fun?


domi.blurbs said...

i hope you get things cleared up and enjoy your free free free senior year
with some AP classes and online courses :D
if you do take them.

emile said...

Hah you retoke robotics because of the new class? Um take the PROGRAMMING CLASS? XD what is in the classroom where mr. myers used to be lastlty should I start a blog

Noelle said...

No, I didn't retake Research I. I never took the first level class as a freshman, and I really don't have the patience to suffer through another slow-paced class like the programming classes are (unless there is a new teacher or something changed significantly?).

Ms. Ramsey's class now occupies the old robotics lab.

...start a blog if you have something to say I guess

emile said...

i am glad i didn't take the ap classes it meant i met more freshman plus it is so much easier in college. All of my other classmates that did take the ap already has homework and the only assignment i have so far is a take quiz given to me monday that is due Wednesday(tomorrow).

Noelle said...

wow you're like the only person that I've ever heard that from.

get on gtalk or something, chatting through my comments is weird.