Friday, April 17, 2009

The Final Countdown

Kind of bummed about not being at the Championship for the first time in 3 years now, but:

24.5 days of high school left

Grad Bash on May 2nd

AP Exams May 4th & 7th

Final Exams

Not doing the Prom thing

Graduation on May 30th


Anyone have a time machine that I can borrow?


kdoodler said...

Is the time machine for jumping ahead or going back through the same days over and over again? lol

Monorina said...

There are times when I hated the Indian Education system, but right now, I love it. Our school year ends in end-of-March!!!

Don't worry. TIme flies. Soon you'll be gradded and free!

emile said...

I invented a time machine where you stay in a bed and sleep and go forward through time at regular speed.